Speed Dial Taxi Service

Now you can call a taxi in the Portimão's area with a touch of a button on your land line phone.

Your request, if you're previously registered as user of our service, will be forwarded automatically to the vehicle that, at that moment, is nearer allowing your taxi to get to you as soon as possible.

When and order is received the system finds the taxi which is closest to the customer and will provide all data to perform the service.

It is a fast and effective system that allows simultaneously management of hundreds of services, providing you with the taxi service requested in the shortest time possible.

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How to use the Speed Dial service:

Once you have requested - via land line telephone - 3 times a taxi service through our reservation center can join our Speed Dial service.

After the third time proceed as follows:

  1. Dial 282 457 637

  2. Press (*)

  3. Enter your house or building street number

    That's all you need! You've just requested your transportation ...

This is a service especially aimed to those who use taxi services on a regular or frequent basis, and not wishing to waste time with the taxi reservation.

What information and details are required to join this service?

None. The authenticity of the call will be made through the telephone number used.

SpeedDial Taxi

Speed Dial Service

Fast. Reliable. Easy to use!

1st Step :
Dial 282 457 637

2nd Step :
Press (*)

3rd Step :
Enter your house or building street number

That's it! A taxi is NOW on the way to pick you up!

Service available to private and corporate registered users.