SMS Express Reservations

Now you can call a taxi from your mobile phone by sending an SMS to number 4901.

The request will be answered in seconds indicating the taxi assigned to make the service.

When an SMS is received the system finds the taxi which is closest to the customer and shall provide all data to perform the service.

It is a fast and effective system that allows simultaneous management of hundreds of services, providing you with the taxi service requested in the shortest time.

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How to join the SMS Express Service:

There are three ways to join this service:

  1. Request your taxi driver a membership form, fill it up and return it or mail to our address. Please note that our vehicles are clearly identifiable with the characteristic yellow / orange strip on the taxi front and rear windows.

    Alternatively you can download the form HERE.

    Our services will contact you in asap after receiving your application.

  2. Call us on phone no. 282 418 730 and request your registration.
  3. You can also make your registration by internet, filling this request FORM.

Very useful taxi service for those with children or using taxi on a regular basis.

When you register you can choose up to ten different addresses that will be numbered from 1 to 10 and identified by M1, M2 ... to M10.

Your mobile number will be registered and it will be from that number that all your requests should be made.

What information is required to join this service?

  1. Name
  2. Address (with a maximum of 10)
  3. Fiscal ID
  4. Mobile Phone Number
  5. Postal Address
  6. E-mail

How to order a taxi through SMS?

After you have confirmed your membership, you can begin to use this service.

To do so simply send an SMS to the Nr. 4901 with the words "taxi" and "ja" separated by a space followed with the address (M1 or M2 or M3, etc.), as follows:

taxi ja m1

In fractions of a second - requests are processed automatically without any operator intervention - you'll receive a message back indicating the number of taxi assingned to you.

If, exceptionally, your service cannot be satisfied you will receive a message informing you of the fact.


SMS Express Service

Book your taxi easily on your mobile phone:

1st step:
Choose one of your pickup addresses (M1 or M2 ...) for each SMS.

2nd step:
Send SMS to Nr. 4901.

3rd step:
You just ask your taxi with priority over other requests.

Service available to private and corporate registered users.