Horse carriage rides
with the family, friends or relatives

For those who do not want - or cannot - ride a horse, we have available carriage rides which are perfect to be enjoyed by friends and family.

"Family fun and great for individuals or groups"

We offer different types of horse cars, ancient and modern, as well as the possibility of being with one horse or yoke.

Coachman Frank, with his experience and well trained horses, ensure a quiet and peaceful ride through the Alentejo hills.

The tours are unfolding for several pathways in a privileged space that offers excellent opportunities for equestrian activities and are a relaxing way to make the most of the proximity to nature.

Unspoiled scenery, snorting horses, a reliable coachman and you, relaxed in the carriage. Come and experience our beautiful region and enjoy the panorama from another point of view.

Book today and share with your dear one's the unique experience of riding a horse drawn carriage.

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Alentejo Horse Riding by Natasha
Monte de Barbanxa - São Luís - Odemira
Alentejo - Portugal

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Did you know?
The Lusitano is a Portuguese horse breed, closely related to the Spanish Andalusian horse. Possessing a higher than average intelligence and majestic appearance, is renowned for its' noble characteristics and willingness to please. Their prudence and sense of balance plays a significant role in establishing their value as a prominent horse breed.