First Experiences with Pony
for children of all ages

Through these sessions, children learn to deal with the pony, develop a passion for nature and acquire or improved their riding skills.

"Riding lessons are essential if your child have never ridden before."

We often hear that the relationship between horse and child increases their levels of confidence. And it is true ...

Riding is an independent activity. However the child is not really alone ...

It is a partnership where the child is expected to be the leader.

And she will have a coach to teach her how to act and ride properly.

Horseback riding is an excellent activity for kids because it allows them to exercise not only their bodies but their minds while spending time outdoors.

First lessons usually involve getting to know the basic skills such as:

  • get on and off the horse;
  • how to sit correctly;
  • how to walk and trot;
  • holding the reigns correctly;
  • show a horse
  • and much, much more!

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In addition to be elegant, this activity develops the body, mind and generates socialization.
Through classes, children learn the basics and realize they need a good relationship with the horse, build a confidence relationship and treat the horse with respect and affection.

About Horse Riding by Natasha

  • We aim to teach riding and promote young people to practice riding;
  • The little ones will learn to ride and handle horses in a relaxed and educational environment;
  • Playing with our pony, children learn to take care of their new equine friends, but also assemble and discover the safety rules and rider's own vocabulary;
  • The first contact with horses can be a spontaneous act that occurs naturally and relaxed so that the child is immediately at ease;
  • The little riders will enjoy an individual lesson with a qualified teacher.