Algarve Weather Information

image with various algarve snapshots

The Algarve offers a fantastic Mediterranean climate with short mild winters, early springs and long hot summers.

Its Mediterranean climate is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. This influence causes temperatures to feel pleasant and milder.

The west coast is generally slightly cooler than the east and most rain falls during the winter from November till the end of March.

Most of the Summer in the Algarve is free from rain, with an average of just 10mm of rainfall per month. However on very rare occasions thunderstorms may occur for a very short period of time, which will hardly affect your holiday.

The Algarve weather is such that you can play golf all year round with autumn and spring being our recommended periods. The temperature in the summer can easily reach the 30ºC and higher which provides a challenge in itself.

If you adore the sunshine you can't beat those long summer days the Algarve offers.


January 17
Wed Weather icon 20.0ºC | 6.2ºC
January 18
Thu Weather icon 17.6ºC | 1.3ºC
January 19
Fri Weather icon 17.4ºC | 3.2ºC
January 20
Sat Weather icon 18.3ºC | 0.7ºC
January 21
Sun Weather icon 15.7ºC | 10.2ºC
January 22
Mon Weather icon 15.1ºC | 10.1ºC